Friday, September 5, 2014

Thank you

 While I know this post is long over due, I want to first say "Thank you". We are so grateful for the love, prayer, thoughts and generous financial giving during not only our hosting Ming this summer but also the first of many stages in our adoption process. Yes, you read correctly... in case you missed it, our family is moving forward with the adoption of our host child. It was all so amazing and woven together in a beautiful way. We are excited, nervous, blessed, and thankful.

 Since our last update on our You Caring page , we have sent our contracts in to the agency along with our first payment. Sent our LOI and payment for its translation.  As of yesterday the  LOI (letter of intent) was sent to China for translation and review. We are waiting for pre-approval of the LOI. This could take 2-4 weeks to receive. We also started our online parent adoption training and have contacted our home study agency... Whew!! And that is just the beginning! Stacks of paperwork, in adoption lingo it is called a Dossier, our current project.

We will do our best to keep updates coming as we continue to go through this process. We are learning so many things as we walk this new path.

Through all of the paperwork, waiting, and craziness of this process God has us in so many ways, that is plan for us is much better than one we could construct ourselves... more to come on that.

A big thank you to two very special friends.... Amanda Hoyt for redesigning our blog, and Annie Hill  our amazing photographer. You captured the joy of hosting Ming Ming and the bond that was created in such a beautiful way. We love you and are grateful for the gift of your friendships.