Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day

 Something I enjoy about life is that we have many word associations. There is beauty in how our minds function, and with what a grand design they were skillfully made. Yet for many, word associations often are more painful than beautiful.
  Mothers Day - To those who have special traditions, or memories they find enchanting and beautiful, this day is as amazing and inspiring as a well merchandised Hallmark card. To others however, this phrase, this day is the one they dread the most all year. The day that reminds them of the deep hurt, or longing they have. It could be the aching hurt of a mother they miss daily and this weekend  is one more reminder to them that they no longer have that number to call, that cheek to kiss or the neck to hug.  It could be the couple that do not have children, but have always longed for a family. It could be the mother who lost her first and so far only child. Today is the most awkward day, a day she doesn't know quite how to feel, all she knows is it feels weird and sad at the same time.  It could be the husband, watching his children grieve their mother, and missing the celebration of his wife and her contribution to their family. It may even be the mother who has outlived her children, never thinking as she watched them grow and possibly marry that she would also suffer loosing them.
All of these have the same tender heart, a grieving heart. This weekend as we gush over beautiful floral arrangements, church services filled with family, cards and candy, take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of one of these. You will be forever changed if you allow yourself to try and put yourself there. Let us all intentionally give of ourselves and reach out to those we see walking these paths.


      The Roeskes