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 Our little surprise
We have never been one of those couples who were "surprised" by being pregnant. Honestly those couples have always been hard for me to understand since dealing with infertility. 
When am I going to learn "never say never"!? Lliam was a complete gift - our little surprise. 
I had always wanted a little boy, and in my heart I knew this was our boy! And at 18 weeks that was confirmed!
Lliam was diagnosed at week 12 with a large Cystic hygroma at the back of his skull/neck , severe adeama, and hydrops. We were told that he most likely would not be compatible with life, and probably had more problems than were visible.
We decided to carry him as long as he had life.
On December 20, 2013, our sweet boy passed away in my womb, and slipped away quietly to Jesus' open and waiting arms.
On December 21, 2013, I labored and delivered my son into this world, silent, peaceful, beautiful.

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