Friday, May 29, 2015

19 days

19 days, this is the amount of time we have to submit our dossier (Giant stack of paperwork documenting our life) to our agency.  Along with that stack of paperwork we have a very large payment due to the agency and many fees at the Chinese consulate before they will send our papers to China.

So what does this mean?
 Well it means it is going to be a fast 19 days. We have many documents that will go to the Secretary of States office for certification, then all of those same documents will then need to be taken to Chicago to the Chinese consulate. Yes, agencies have services that pay for other people to do this for you but we are trying to save every bit we can by doing it ourselves.

Financially we need $6000 at this point to cover all of the costs involved in those steps. We have been cutting every corner we possibly can in the area of budgeting. We continue to apply for the many grants available to adopting families. To date we have sent 2 applications in and are working on the next 4 applications to be sent on Monday. All of these will not be processed or received before June 17th (our deadline).

What happens if we don't make the deadline?  This is the only date that we have. Our only opportunity to move forward and bring Ming home. It is crucial, there is no late fee, grace period, nothing.

What do we know?

Well we know that its going to be busy, we are going to be tired, there is not going to be enough hours in the day. However we know that Gods strength is made perfect in our weakness and that with his help we can do all things. We know that Gods love for Ming is even greater than our love for him. Gods desire for Ming's situation and little life to be redeemed is greater than Mama and Babas desire to bring him home from the life he lives now.

How can you help?

 First we ask that you pray for us. Pray that God will give us strength, clarity of mind, energy, accuracy and speed in gathering documents and for those processing the documents. Pray for those who God will send to take part in our adoption in a financial way. Pray that God will lead us in ways we can continue to add to the funds as we know this sudden date was not a surprise to Him
Pray for Ming- Pray that God will comfort him, and protect him from any that seek to do harm.

Second - If you are someone who feels led to help us financially at the end of this post we will share the options available to do so.

Lastly we would like to thank each of you. Your love, prayer and financial support has blessed our hearts and has allowed our children to see miracles.

The link below is to be used for money contributions if you would like to claim as a deduction for tax purposes. They do not take fees from it, and you will be emailed a receipt for tax purposes. I am so thankful that they have come up with this amazing tool. This Monday the organization just launched this site to bless and help adopting families. All contributions go directly from their organization to our agency.

If you would like to mail us a check please email us for our address
 (this is not an option for tax deductions to be available to you)

We have necklaces that another adopting mom so graciously designed for us to help with funds for our next step.
To order or browse click the necklace title

                                                          Choose Joy

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