Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another plan

 With our last post, we were sharing how we felt our hearts were led to adopt two children at the same time from China. One being Ming and the other a sweet little 2 year old. We do believe God was preparing and working in our hearts to be willing and open to have two additions into our family at once but He had other plans of who that second child would be. 
 Many of you know this and many may not. We are expecting the arrival of baby girl Roeske in September. Doctors have said she is very healthy, quite active and doing very well. While the second child that God is bringing to our family is biological, our hearts have not changed nor have things changed in pursuing the adoption of Ming. 

Are we crazy? Possibly by the standards of others but we know the peace and excitement of following the path and plan that God has set rather than our own attempts at setting the plan. 

We are planning to keep the blog updated regularly now as things will be moving fast over the next 6 months. So stay tuned!

 Darrell and Michelle

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